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My new HD TV and why it’s better

Well, a large part of the population around the world still considers television as part of their major source of entertainment; and it indeed is. Over the years, the so-called ‘idiot box’ has evolved and has been revolutionized by the manufacturers. Televisions now come with more features than ever. However, the variety is so large that televisions are segregated on…

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I set-up my router the other day, this is how I did it

Internet has become a necessity than a luxury. Internet is one of the easiest ways of communication and collaboration across the world. In the technological age like this, a person wouldn’t appreciate the hiccups of broadband or dial-up network systems. Setting up a wireless internet connection is not just easy but also quite beneficial. You can use the wireless network…

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Everything you wanted to know about Kenya but were too afraid to ask

ABOUT KENYA HISTORY Kenya is said to be the “Cradle of Mankind”. The remains and fossils of Kenyathropus found in the area west of lake turkana, and dating back over 2.6 million years, suggested that the protohumans roamed the area more than 20 million years ago. These remains found between 1998 – 1999 are stored at the national museums of…

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