Christmas Meet & Greet


For a few hours on each of the two weekends before Christmas, members of the fundraising committee interviewed 118 people when they came to buy Christmas trees at the farm. Questions asked included; what would you like to see at the farm when it is open again, what events and activities should there be and what would you expect to pay to enter the farm. At the same time mince pies and mulled wine was given out to everyone.

Many asked for the open days to come back, and the variety of animals was as expected plus a few rather surprising suggestions. One popular request was for the teahouse to be open again, but for a cup of tea and a sticky bun rather than a cream tea.

We look forward to being able to put most of the suggestion in place but at this stage of the economic climate funds are hard to come by. However we are pressing on making grant applications and we are distributing donation forms, hoping local friends will give us sufficient funds so that we can employ various professionals.

During the survey we gave children a drawing to colour in, and we show below the entries from Luke Alfano age 8, and Hubert Amaricai age 10.

A big thank you to all who took part in the survey, and if you would like to make further comments please write in or send an e-mail.