I have a new dog, and he LOVES chewing

The universal laws of love means doing things that make you feel happy and bring joy into your life. And, by God, for several years now pets have always been a source of tremendous joy and happiness for humans. A pet connects with the family, share a wonderful bond with its owner and fills the void of pleasure that we may have.

Taking good care of pets says a lot about its owner. Just like children, pets too need toys to keep them in good mood especially if your pet is a dog. There are quite a few dog chew toys to keep your pet happy. A bone dog chew toy helps dogs of all ages in a number of ways. Chew toy bones for dogs are made of nylon and are starch-based.  Whether your dog likes rawhide bones or the extra-hard ones, a toy chew bone gives several benefits. It provides dental benefits and is good for your dog’s teeth. Chewing dog toy bones helps drive away plaque, which can cause bad breath. A bone dog chew toy will relieve your dog of boredom and will keep it active instead of just laying down on the floor all day long. For my dog, I always buy Nylabone: Bar: Bar-b-chew chew toy. It is recommended by the vet and is specifically designed for average chewers.

Rubber dog toys are equally effective and a genuine source of benefit for dogs. Rubber dog toys are made of rubber, latex and vinyl. They are durable and fun. They come in different styles and sizes to suit the right needs of your pet. It helps dogs of all ages and is instrumental in the overall development of the pet.

Treating a pet well and taking care of its needs is more important than owning one. After all, a dog is not trained in English and may not be able to ask you for favor or help whenever it may need.

What else I learned from having a dog

Now that summer has come keeping your dog cool is key. Brushing your dogs fur is a great way to help minimizes not only shedding but also help keep your dog cool during those hot summer days. However, choosing the right brush for your dog depends on the type of fur your dog has.  A good brush can help reduce matting in  your dogs fur, help reduce tangles, as well as help minimize dead and unwanted hair.

1. Wire Pin Brushes– this type of brush is best for dogs that have medium to long fur. This is because usually wire pins sit deeper in the brush allowing for it to reach all the way down into your dogs coat and pick up the fur that is deep down there.

2. Rakes and Matbreakers– these are better for dogs that have fur which tends to more tangled than normal or for matted fur.

3. Bristle Brushes– are probably the most common because they can be used on most fur. Bristle brushes can vary from soft to firm bristles as well as different bristle lengths which, is great for whatever length of dog hair your dog has.

4. Slicker  Brushes– these types of brushes are great for dogs who have thick fur and fur that tends to tangle easily. They are also great for medium to long haired dogs.

5. Shedding tools– shedding tools are great to use on your dogs in the summer if they have thick or long fur. My aunt has a golden retriever and does this to her in the summer time to help keep her dog cool. Since shedding tools have special teeth these are great for double coated breeds since they help reduce excess hair as well as reduce shedding. Bamboo shedding blade for dogs are great because you don’t have to plug them in and if your dog does not to well with noise is a great option to use instead of battery or plug-in operated tools.

6. Flea combs– while not used to groom your dogs fur they are a great way to help detect and prevent fleas from bugging your dog.

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