I set-up my router the other day, this is how I did it

Internet has become a necessity than a luxury. Internet is one of the easiest ways of communication and collaboration across the world. In the technological age like this, a person wouldn’t appreciate the hiccups of broadband or dial-up network systems. Setting up a wireless internet connection is not just easy but also quite beneficial. You can use the wireless network to surf the web while lying on a sofa watching The Devil Wears Prada.

To top it all, it can be used by more than one person. If you want to get ahead and leave no stone unturned then here are the few steps to set up a wireless router for dummies.

  1. Be wise in choosing the wireless equipment. There are plenty available in the market but my personal recommendation is 802.11g wireless networking technology. It offers incredible performance and compatibility with most peripherals available.
  2. Choosing a wireless router is critical to your internet connection. Linksys wireless router lets you securely share high-speed internet, files, and printers with immense flexibility and speed. It lets you surf, work and play with the advantage of being wireless. A Linksys wireless router lets your PCs communicate with each other and share resources easily.
  3. My personal favorite is Netgear wireless router. It offers more wireless channels, less interference and better connections using dual band wireless-N. If you are a person who loves music and downloading then look no further. It lets you enjoy faster downloads, high-quality media streaming and an awesome online gaming experience.
  4. Once you have the wireless router, reading the instruction manual of the equipment is mandatory. Locate the cable modem or DSL modem and unplug it. Next, keep your modem connected directly to the internet. Once the router has done its work, it will send signals through your modem.
  5. Configuring your wireless router is important. With the help of the network cable, you should be able to connect your computer to one of the ports available. Using a good quality network cable is paramount too. A Zipling retractable crossover cable lets you connect to two computers in the peer network. The system may ask for password and for this it is important to keep the instruction manual handy.
  6. Finally, if the computer does not have a wireless network support then plugging your network adapter into the USB port may help. If you use Windows then it will automatically detect the new adapter and all you will need to do is follow the instructions on the screen.

Now, it’s not all that difficult as you thought it was. Isn’t it? Go on and book your tickets for A-Team!

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