My new bird feeder

There is no greater joy than sitting on your lawn chair on a lazy evening and watching birds hop around in your backyard. Bird watching is a relaxing hobby and I feel that it is a wonderful way to commune with nature. Not all of us have the luxury of a backyard with enough greenery and peace to attract birds. But if you have the space and time, I highly recommend that you put in a good bird feeder to attract birds.

A feeder is like a bird food buffet for your feathered friends. So make it creative and attract more birds! Now one of the most important things that attract birds to a feeder is the structure. Different birds like different types of feeders. It would be good to find out which kinds of birds inhabit your part of town.

  1. House Finches, Redpollis and American Goldfinches prefer tube-style feeders with black oil sunflower.
  2. Chickadees prefer small feeders that they can cling to. Something like a hanging bird feeder would do well.
  3. Cardinals prefer feeders with large open landing areas.
  4. Grosbeaks like feeders with a large hopper and fly-though feeders. They eat a lot!
  5. Doves like to eat off the ground.
  6. Woodpeckers, Flickers, and Sapsuckers are tree-clinging birds. They will like something they can cling onto.
  7. Sparrows, Juncos, Towhees and Buntings: Ground feeders and large open platforms.

There are many creative feeders such as gnome bird feeders which are shaped to attract birds. Pick up one of these and watch as your backyard is filled with the happy chirping of birds!

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