Opening night preview

I just ate a roast chicken like the whole thing I bought a roast chicken from safeway and ate it We’ve had a pretty epic last couple of days getting everything ready for opening night. So today I built up an appetite I guess So I ate a whole chicken I realize I keep saying that but that’s kind of weird, right? Anyways, here’s what I think you should look forward to about Tilt.

Jorma Elo has the ability to take an emotion, thought, or memory, and break it down into its most elegant physical form. I feel like the sentimentality of his ballets can melt your heart, and am always amazed at how he can use the simplest steps to say so much. Match that with a huge virtuosic quality and flawless musicality and you have a ballet that I think a lot of people are going to love.

Through several years of Emily choreographing on her company, a mutual knowledge has developed, and allowed her to push us in new and exciting ways. She’s created an atmospheric mood in her newest creation that is constantly shifting. She’s tapped into the greatest strengths of the dancers that she knows so well, and given them challenges to push them beyond previously imagined boundaries into a new and exciting realm of development. In the process of that she’s created a powerful and moving ballet, that plays with huge dynamic through an ever changing scene.

Walking Mad should make you smile genuinely, laugh heartily, and in the end break your heart. It’s built of a classic tale of boy meets girl, and you get to live through an entire relationship in one ballet. It has something for everyone, and lives in my heart as one of my favourite ballets of all time. The music is classic, and so is the movement. It was made on a platform of simplicity and clarity, and thrives in that environment. The audience loved it the first time we performed it, and I have no reason to think they’re not going to feel the same way about it this time around.

So, that’s what I think is exciting about the shows. I hope you make it out, and if you do please come say hi afterwards.

Thanks for reading.

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