Raising pets, my take on it

Pet gates

There are different types of pet gates. The expandable pet gate is great for smaller dogs because it is light weight and can be moved easily and expanded to fit any width. If you have a bigger dog, it would be wiser to pick up a wooden pet gate. I needed a wooden one because my Labrador puppies were quite the wrecking balls. The wooden one was strong enough to hold them back until they were five months old. By then they were toilet trained so I didn’t have to worry about restraining them any more!

When you are raising a puppy, it is important to train him before letting him loose in your home. An untrained puppy can make life difficult for you especially if you are not going to be around to monitor him all day. I raised four Labrador puppies (yeah it wasn’t easy) at my place and I couldn’t have done it without the help of pet gates. Pet gates helped me restrict the puppies to one room without shutting the door. There are many advantages to using pet gates.

  • They are easy to install and they do not require extensive carpentry and fitting work.
  • They help restrict your pet without making it seem like he or she is being imprisoned. Unlike a door, pet gates are conveniently sized to restrict your pet to a particular area without blocking his or her vision of the entire house. This way your pet won’t feel cut off from you.
  • They help during the toilet training phase of your pet’s growth. You can help the pet understand that he is not allowed to pee or poop anywhere in the house. I personally feel that pet gates helped my puppies grasp their toilet etiquette a whole lot faster. They didn’t like to pee in the room they were restricted to. So whenever they needed to pee, they would whine a lot and I immediately let them out into the backyard. This way, they learnt to relieve themselves only when they are outdoors.
  • Pet gates also helped in damage control. When I used to go out and leave the pups at home, they used to wreck the place. I would come home to find pieces of my pillows, cotton puffs scattered all over the ground, torn napkins, the dog food packets would be pillaged and I don’t even want to describe the state of my floor mats. But when I installed pet gates, it became easy to restrict them to their room without making it like a prison for them. They liked the gates because they could see me and they didn’t feel cut off from me.


Don’t you think that it is kind of unfair that we spend so much time, effort and money on how we look and the kind of clothes we wear but when it comes to our pets, we don’t even spend the time to think about what we could do to groom our pets and let them look their stylish best! Our pets are our loyal and loving companions and all they ask for are love and some petting. It is time to make sure your pet gets more than just that. Let your pet look stylish and attractive.

  • Now, generally pets tend to get messy and ruffled when they go out to play. Make sure that your pet gets a bath regularly.
  • Pick up some fragrance shampoos to give your dog a perfumed shower. A dog with body odor is not going to be very popular in the canine party circuit.
  • If your pet has long hair, use a pet grooming dryer to dry and fluff the hair. You can even style his hair into different hairstyles to make him popular with the ladies!
  • If your dog’s toe nails are getting too long, you can cut them with the help of pet clippers. Be careful though. Toe nails are very sensitive.
  • There are other grooming utilities that you can find in a pet grooming kit. Pick one up to make your pet the most stylish dog on the street.

Pet pads for puppies

Last year, I worked at the pound to help provide homes for some rescued puppies. These puppies were homeless and they were just looking for someone to love them and look after them. Moreover, it was the winter and the pound didn’t have enough food and shelter to go around for the puppies. I worked with a group of community workers to spread awareness of puppy adoption. I am proud to say, we helped all the puppies find homes within two weeks. The puppies were the cutest and most adorable little puppies we had ever seen. We put up pictures of them in malls and shopping areas. We had so many people calling us that it was actually really overwhelming to see so many people caring for animals.

At the pound, we even organized a Christmas fund raiser party to help provide supplies for the puppies. Maybe it was the holiday season spirit, maybe it really was the goodness of humanity… At the end of the day we raised enough money to buy several pet heating pads and pet fleece pads for the puppies. It was really cold and the puppies would cuddle up together in the cold. The pads helped them sleep comfortably in the cold winter. It was a great Christmas for puppies in my town! They got to go to an awesome party, each one of them got a petmate heating pad to sleep in comfort and most important of all… Each one of them found a home and a loving family to take care of them!

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