The Trust

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The Trusts Vision

Our vision is to make College Farm a well recognised, consistently used and accessible educational and
recreational resource for the people and local communities in the North London area.

The Trusts Role

The College Farm Trust’s role is to progess our Vision, through the implementation of our Strategic Objectives;
ensuring the effective managment of a working urban farm; and doing so in partneship with local organisations
with whom we have shared aspirations and compatible objectives.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To provide facilities and services that are attractive to young people and families, and accessible to all,
  • To engage with and work closely with other community organisations with compatible objectives,
  • To develop College Farm buildings, provision and infrastructure consistent with the Vision and Strategic Objectives,
  • To demonstrate an ethical, environmentally aware, and forward thinking understanding of farming and food processing
  • To secure the financial future of College Farm.

Mid Term Objectives (2-3 years):

  • To establish a coherent purpose and identity for College Farm recognised, accepted and implemented by the Trust and understood by our local communities,
  • To have the Trust working as a team, and alongside those involved in managing College Farm, shop, recreational and educational activities,
  • To provide a clear framework for the management and development of College Farm by our tenants and other staff,
  • To build upon the Farm’s history and heritage.